We thought it was about time that you should get to know our own EQ Music Artist Lostchild a little better.

Afterall, he’s already completed a double feat of supporting both Dragonette and Betty Who at our recent shows. We think you will agree this is an impressive accolade for an unsigned new artist to acheive in such a tiny space of time.

Also, we are particularly happy to mention Lostchild’s next gig is at Nottingham Pride on July 29th. We feel certain he will look right at home up there on the main stage at such a prestigious gig.

Here’s the bit where you now roll the tape on our Introducing Lostchild clip and learn which artists are a source of inspiration to him and find out in his own words what Lostchild’s tracks “Town” and “S.A.M.” are all about. These are just a little something of the things to know about pop’s newest gem!

Find Lostchild on:
Facebook: https://facebook.com/lostchilduk
Twitter: @lostchilduk