EQ Music Premiere: Watch “S.A.M” by Lostchild

Every once in a while a new artist comes along who fits right in with the essence of what EQ Music Blog has always been about. Shining a light on top quality independent pop, by way of embracing what is considered to be the sound of EQ. What that is exactly, is hard one to sum up in words. suffice to say when we hear it, we instantly know it to be a very special moment for us when we find that kind of connection in an up-and-coming new talent.

Ever since Lostchild came into our lives, we’ve been falling hard for his soft emotive pop creations, that are built on such engagingly, genuine narratives and life learning observing topics. The way in which Joe Copplestone writes is so heart-warming even in the deepest mindset of thoughts which explore the many aspects of love. From searching, to being in it through to working it all out. It’s a right melting-pot isn’t it!

So you see, Lostchild’s music really speaks out loud to us with all of its authenticity, bound in beautifully executed songs with a yearning passion to be loved at its heart. This is why in practically no time at all Lostchild has become a firm favourite of ours. We absolutely knew we had to get Joe down for a slot at EQ Music Live too. To host Lostchild’s debut gig alongside headliners Dragonette, was a great privilege. Speaking for myself it was a mixture of joy and feeling immensely proud that swept over me to witness an artist with so much potential taking this step forward. And not just me, the EQ Music Live audience were terrifically welcoming to Joe. Hard not to be, when he was downright adorably cute, kind, witty and rather brilliant. (Never, ever thought he’d be anything but this!)

There was nothing but love in the room for Lostchild at EQ Music Live. With plenty of dancing antics going on during the upbeat numbers. With the debut EP “Being Loved When You Know You’re Not Good Enough” now out, Joe is keen to show there are other dynamics to Lostchild. Such as when he turns it down a notch into pop ballad territory, those endearing qualities that make Joe so likeable, come to light even more readily.

One fine example of this comes in the closing EP track “S.A.M” (standing for – something about me). It’s a real lyrically explored soul-searching piece of work that candidly paints a picture of accepting that sometimes you just have to move on to achieve your state of happy and for the greater good of a significant other, in a love situation.

The video that we are delighted to premiere here on EQ today, does a fantastic job of relaying this message. The normalcy in it all is at the crux of what I adore about Lostchild. The simplest of things like walking down a street and clearing your head to make sense of what is going on in life. Lostchild shares his vulnerable side and in doing so maybe go some way to help us all to understand it’s path to the course of enlightenment and happiness in the long run.