Like most musicians, San Francisco based synth-pop duo Meet Me In Orbit have not been idling away the last year and a half. With much of the live performance sector of the music industry closed down. (Due to the effects of the pandemic). They have instead filled the time working hard. Refining their already slick synthy sound while also getting a new EP ready for launch later this year. The duo whose style I have previously likened to Roosevelt, The Sound Of Arrows and Satin Jackets. Get us ready for the onslaught of new material by sharing the first track lifted from the forthcoming EP. A sparkling, widescreen cinematic offering. “Slip Away“.

This kind of synth-pop sounds great when streamed but even better when experienced in a live capacity. As the whole experience is more of an immersive one, and feelings become more intense. And this was the intention, completely, of Meet Me In Orbit with what they are hoping to evoke in “Slip Away“.

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Saying “with “Slip Away,” we wanted to explore the claustrophobia of desperately yearning for something but having no clear sense of what that thing is,” the duo explains. “It’s a song about the ways we tend to craft our inner-dialogue around autobiographies that are themselves constructed of little lies and self-deception. In the end, that’s what nostalgia itself is–the overwhelming desire to go back to a time and place that never really existed in the form, we’re, yearning for.”

Being forced into lockdown really did see this duo diving into their feelings. Where they have embraced pondering about escaping the delirium brought about by the pandemic. They focus on transporting themselves and us out of the lows, the fears and anxiety. With an offering that is both transcendental and otherworldly. Meet Me In Orbit’s thoughtful lyrics cut deep while the production has a warm mesmeric charm. From mysterious otherworldly swells. the sonic soundscape Meet Me In Orbit creates is lovely to fall into. As similarly, it also feels great to completely indulge and devour a super fudgy chocolate brownie. Made with decadence and served warm drizzled in chocolate sauce. While I must address my downfall of lockdown comfort eating. I will do so while enraptured in bliss listening to the synthpop masterpieces of Meet Me In Orbit.

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