The strains of synth-pop have been a bit MIA on the blog lately. San Francisco duo Meet Me In Orbit have sent over details of “Waste Your Time” (the follow up to their summer release “Letters“.) Which puts us back on course with celebrating electronica once more. Jared and Brandon of the band, steer away from the subtle, dreamy and evocative styled electronica, of preceding single “Letters“. Putting in place neon vibes and funky grooves as a way of sharing their thoughts about not making the most of opportunities with “Waste Your Time.”

Meet Me In Orbit exhibits shimmering, dreamy retro synths. Styled in the kind of chillwave grooves which feel suited to late-night listening. The duo brings tinges of melancholy while broaching narratives in an upfront, thoughtful manner. “Waste Your Time” see’s them being contemplative and poignant, examining whether acting on specific projects or relationships are considered viable or not. Ultimately, in the instance of the track. It is left open to interpretation about the specific, situation, it draws upon. There are no grey areas where the musicality is concerned. The duo’s slick sonic design is filled with, astute, production strokes and intimate nuances. In turn, leading me to conclude Meet Me In Orbit’s retro making lines up with synthwave stalwarts such as Roosevelt, The Sound Of Arrows or Satin Jackets.

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Waste Your Time” releases via independent streaming powerhouse label FiXT Neon’s upcoming “Afterglow” compilation – an all-original anthology celebrating the best artists fusing past and present. A collection, tailor-made for fans of indie pop and pop-flavoured synthwave music.

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