In many areas of our lives lately, it has been a time to pause and reflect. When the truth is trying our best to remain upbeat and positive during such a succession of upheaval can prove to be overwhelming and exhausting. I feel it in the music at this time as well. Hitting the right mood when what, was once normality is now unpredictable and constantly changing, is a challenging situation for musicians, acts and performers releasing music right now. With the shocking events of last week in mind, in particular, soothing tracks are what is needed to take the edge off of our hurting and psychological pain. San Fransico duo Meet Me In Orbit are a synth-pop outfit who have been recording and releasing evocative electronica since forming in 2014. “Letters” is their latest, dreamy offering. I feel it, suitably fitting, gentle and calming.

While, we are processing and reflecting on the changes we’ve had to make recently. There is every chance we’ve pondered about how with hindsight, we might have done certain things differently. This is the exactly the same topic, Meet Me In Orbit have explored on “Letters.” The track has been written from the perspective of someone who is consumed by worry and stress, writing to their younger self. I am presuming the younger-self is a font of optimism and enthusiasm. And if they were to send back a response, it would be wise, supportive and offer advice.

The calming melody is steeped in the sweet sounds of otherworldliness. These vibes are subtle, dreamy and healing. This is a good track to zone out with while quietly working on ways to refocus.

100% of the single proceeds will be donated to Campaign Zero, a police reform group that has been working on policy solutions informed by data and human rights principles.

If Meet Me in Orbit is to have any voice in this moment, we believe that voice should be used in service of those that need, and deserve it most,” the duo says. “To that end, we’ll be donating every dollar we may make from this release to Campaign Zero to help advance the causes of social justice, racial equality, police accountability, and the important truth that black lives matter.”

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