Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, producer, and DJ Elohim celebrated a banner year of releases during 2021. With the calendar flipping over to 2022, she seems eager to continue this trend. In addition to working with Canadian alt-pop artist Lights on “Real Thing” in December, for her first release of 2022, she is working with world-class Canadian/DJ producer Felix Cartal. Cartal’s indie-dance track “Nothing Good Comes Easy” surfaces, steeped in melodic charm that, when paired with Elohim’s unique floaty vocal makes for a great slice of emotive EDM.

As you should be aware by now, I don’t cover dance tracks that often. On this occasion, I make an exception. This track is completely addicting to me. It’s blissful beats and groovy, laid-back electronica. Furthermore, the immeasurably catchy vocal chop Felix created using Elohim’s voice has invaded headspace and is yet to leave. Elohim’s profound lyricism tells the story of two strained lovers striving to fight for the love they share with one another. A story that finds itself wrapped around some special sonic magic created by the duo.

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Speaking about the track Elohim shares…

“I knew this top line had to go to a very special producer. When I wrote it, I belted it out from my heart. It needed production with as much heart as the lyrics and melody and Felix absolutely was the perfect match.”

“Her tone was something I wanted to work with throughout the song, so I fought very hard to keep the whole thing feeling minimal. For that reason, the entire drop is built out of random vowel sounds from her voice, in an effort to keep that intimate feeling alive.” Felix explains.

Whenever I listen to “Nothing Good Comes Easy” I feel euphoric. It’s one of the tracks you can easily become absorbed in.

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