The only thing which has prevented me from writing about the LA-based artist/producer Elohim thus far was because she quite famously concealed her online self behind the guise of a cat mask. I am aware there was a meaningful purpose behind the producer’s decision to cloak her identity in this way. That she feels it gives her the freedom to create the way she wants. It was just that Galantis had already nabbed this look and in the first instance I found it to be quite confusing, in this respect. One of the reasons I am writing about Elohim now is that she has found the courage to allow the mask to slip ever so slightly. These days, since her emergence in 2016, I will accept a press image where I can at least see one of her beautiful eyes. So that I can, at last, begin writing about her forward-thinking, electronically curated tracks. Starting with her latest release “TV.”

TV” is a very, special song. It was written by Elohim as a way of highlighting struggles with mental health. It is a topic which has popped up on previous tracks. From beneath her mask, she is very open and honest in her lyrics. Writing about authentic feelings, spotlighting some not so pretty stuff. Showing vulnerability, encouraging positivity and self-love. These are topics which serve the track “TV“, as well.

Our heads are crammed full of many stresses and strains these days. Quite often it is the case, that the pace of modern life, earning a crust in a tough political landscape, makes it harder to step back and find time to relax and breathe. It’s not easy juggling all of these things and keeping our well-being in check, in 2019. We MUST find ways of taking care of ourselves. Elohim’s coping strategy has been to get lost in watching the TV. According to the lyrics of the song, not even that, but it is a distraction from the noise which rages in her head. Particularly, the song’s parting words “TV on, TV on, TV on. Drown it, Drown it, Drown it. Don’t turn off the TV please.” These pleas are very poignant indeed.

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