Considering the lyrics in “Living Room,” the latest track from Dan Aura. And if the lyrics are autobiographical. I think the lockdown periods might have had quite an effect on him. The rising pop newcomer came to my attention last year upon the release of his debut EP “Plastic“. Although the new song appears to suggest, however, that prolonged spells of isolation brought on bouts of bad mental health. One way of lifting himself out of this mood was to write a song full of feelings about it.

Confession. I used the pandemic as a possible scenario for this review. As I am not fully aware of the cause of this depression. However, there might be a clue hidden in the song’s opening lyrics, “All my vision is painted in red. Trying to pick up the things that I left.” As this introduction appears to inform that it is most likely that a breakup has happened.

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I know that when writing about the “Plastic” EP, it was said Dan took some influence from Troye Sivan when perfecting his music styling. The good thing is, in “Living Room,” the inspiration is still ongoing. Since both Dan’s lyrical and vocal styles similarly emulate the soft vocal tones and poetic lyricism used by Troye Sivan.

Not only does this song detail the signs we associate with being in depression in a thoughtful and relatable manner. All is not as gloomy as it appears. There is a sign that he wants to get back out engaging and yearns for connection, explained in the song lyrics…

“I’ve become part of my living room, wanna join the conversation but my lips won’t move. Someone tear my hinges out before I do cause I wanna feel something new.”

As an independently releasing young music artist, Dan Aura stands out. He has both engaging lyricism and ear-pleasing vocals working like a treat for him. We have no idea why this song hasn’t gained more recognition.

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