What I like most about this time of year, is… when music releases slow down. This quieter period allows me to concentrate more on my favourite bit about being a music blogger. Which is. Catching up with lots of the music being released by emerging artists and pop newcomers alike. One such promising new music talent, I have particularly wanted to write about recently. Being the British pop newcomer Dan Aura.

I am taking a look at Dan first because he has an EP ready to pop this month. It sports the name, “Plastic“. Which, with all things being considered. Happens to be a very environmentally topical title to settle upon in these times. Yet, to the best of my knowledge. The EP has not been based around the musings of an eco-warrior. (Although he might have scored some serious brownie points for being plastic pollution aware if it were). The EP title track, (which also doubles up as the new focus track from the EP), is where Dan shares a personal account of the struggles of being young in the internet age. He achieves this by exploring the hardships he faces, by looking at topics that come with showing your true self to the world.

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Dan says…

Plastic” holds a lot of sentimental value for me personally, as it underlines the importance of being your true self and questioning today’s role models.”

The comparisons to Troye Sivan are sure to come thick and fast for Dan Aura. They both have a similar vocal style and are lyrically-driven singer-songwriters. Musically Aura’s approach to electro-pop is soft, soothing and quite dreamlike. Whereas, it is the lyrics where the soul of his artistry shines through. The songcraft of this young artist is sharp like a tack. But it is the storytelling that is pulling me in to listen because he looks at topics such as being pressured to conform and acting woke in a sincere and open way. He similarly extends upon these themes with tracks “Feel It” and “Straight Boys” which have already released from the EP.

The production is spot on. The lyrics and vocals are even better. The EP looks set to consolidate Dan Aura’s position among the ranks of emerging British pop newcomers. He’s another new artist to close a close eye on.

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