Colette Carr

Blue haired pop babe Colette Carr needs no introduction being that her total catalogue of feisty jams have been aurally entertaining us through-out her career.

Every step of the way Colette has delivered unique and impressing tunes of the utmost presence, primed like volcanic hot messes of slickness, which glow of the fieriest red when they touch down upon our ear-waves.

We’ve journeyed with Colette through her hip-pop period and as of late, into her transitioning as a dynamically giving singer also. Yet unfathomably somehow the versatile singer really doesn’t receive the level of recognition she’s absolutely due for her services to freestyled pop with authentic flair, thus far.

What we’ve always held our deepest admiration for however, is how Colette leaps in and sasses up a regular tune into something rippling with edginess and surefire authenticity. Even when sneaking in a sample of classic house track into the overall fabric of the melody. Like what has occurred on her newest effort “Get Dumb”.

Tulisa maybe right out there right as of now earning the dibbs for the quite uninspiring reinterpretation of Shanks and Bigfoot’s “Sweet Like Chocolate” but really Colette’s utilizing of Paul Johnson’s “Get Get Down” sample, by far packs more heat and punchy flavour in a far more impacting way than anything Tulisa might care to launch into the overflowing end of summer race for late to appear pop anthems.

Once again linking up with the assistance of her former HAM sparring partner Ben J of New Boyz, Colette lights up a dance floor banger with difference. Played out with Defiance. Edge. Darkness and a whole lot of Va Va VOOM, Colette really shows the world how you turn a well-loved dance staple into something stamped with your own individuality that it becomes altogether different but nonetheless strikingly valid also.