Listen to “Don’t Act Like A Stranger” by Cathedrals

I have only written about the San Francisco duo of Cathedrals once before, in support of their diverse, indie-electronic single “OOO AAA” but it was one expertly crafted piece of experimental tune making which has stuck firm in my memory. As way back then, I got the sense that Johnny and Brodie were really onto something and then not so long afterward, it all fell silent.

Returning back to notice, the duo has shared their first new material in two years together with a crisp, sensibly new pop style on comeback track “Don’t Act Like A Stranger”.

It’s somewhat a surprise that Cathedrals have turned the tables and flipped to the pop side so much as this, because “OOO AAA” was built up of such a massively distinctive sound. But you know what, the evidence is here with “Don’t Act Like A Stranger” that while being pop, it’s still very much in an alternative vein that really suits them.

We’re liking what we’re hearing Cathedrals.