A new Cathedrals video is out. It’s very nice but, makes us question whether we have travelled through time while we were sleeping? The clip for “Try To Fight” is choreographed by Denna Thomsen who worked on Sia’s “Elastic Heart” video. Evident is a strong connection to the electric vibe of the song and of iconic 80’s movies “Flashdance” and “Dirty Dancing“.

I know we have seen this style of treatment all too often in videos with their influence stemming from the 1980’s. What sets this homage apart from the others, is how well made the clip is in all areas of creative artistry. From camera direction, through choreography to the actual performance from dancers Kylie Shea and Nick Baga.

We can’t lose sight that we wouldn’t have had this fab video without the song though. Even on its own, the track is a glittering throwback of synthsonic disco delights.

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