San Francisco alt-pop duo of Cathedrals are timely on queue and for the win with their intriguingly diverse, phonetically steered song “OOO AAA”, since it’s the kind of track that creatively and successfully shakes up upon tired pop formulas to breath life and expand vision within the current electronic pop platform.

Infact, I’ve been positively dying back here for new music to begin to roll in that has within it such a spark of real vitality about it, the off-kilter engagement of CathedralsOOO AAA” is definitely one that hits the spot on all accounts.

For Johnny Hwin and Brodie JenkinsOOO AAA” marks their fourth release, although, having just inked up with Neon Gold the track acts as the first single off of their upcoming self-titled debut EP.

In working towards their debut EP, Cathedrals have been seen already to slam down some diverse sound arrangements, through visions of full fledged indie pop, woozy R’n’B influences, and soaring soul coloured vocals but it is the ingenious avant-garde character of the “OOO AAA” cinematically exploratory soundscape which trumps the lot and sits prestigiously in a league of its own.

Allow the introductory electronic screaming trills to take you on a diverse pop journey.

Whilst I hand on heart hope that the off-beat engaging Cathedrals will see to it, that they impart further idiosyncratic dynamic material with us in the not so distant future.

PRE-ORDER via Neon Gold