In 2019, I began following the music of the Persian pop songstress Gia Woods. In the first instance, I noticed her incredibly alluring smoky vocal and thoughtful lyricism on tracks like “Keep On Coming” and “New Girlfriend“. However, in recent months, since she embarked on a new era. Much to my delight, I discovered that Gia is taking her new music in an electro-pop direction. In fact, nowadays, the new music reminds me a lot of the style and groove Kim Petras started with when she was taking her first plunge into a music career. Gia, who is about to unleash volume 2 of her “Heartbreak County” EP series, drops off her latest single “Cover Girl” ahead of the EP release.

Gia is super proud of her sexuality. She goes so far as to make no effort to hide her femininity when crafting her pop songs. More often than not, it is this that her songwriting forms around, her celebration of all things womanhood. In her song “Cover Girl” she explores pop culture and ‘it girls’. (A young woman that craves celebrity-like status and enjoys socialite lifestyles).

“One of my favorite aspects of pop culture is the idea of ‘it girls’ — Angelina, Marilyn, Britney, Lindsay…Edie Sedgewick! These stunning women that literally everyone is obsessed with and knows every detail of their life,” says Gia. “My song “Cover Girl” is a bit of a fantasy — the idea of what it would be like to date the cover girl. It would be a thrill, but as we see time and time again, it would likely end in some incredibly dramatic heartbreak.”

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When listening to “Cover Girl“, we find out Gia uses tongue-in-cheek lyricism that brings a sense of fun to the buzzy pop track. And that she almost leaves us overdosing in a big bubble of bubblegum pinkness. She just seems to be excelling with her thrilling new sound. She glows up her brightest yet with her unabashed use of acerbic lyrics that cut to the chase.

“Tommy, I’m sorry that you caught me / my skirt all way down to my knees yeah it’s just the time of the season.” What a world when you’re everyone’s baby”.

That I have heard, Gia Woods has not sounded better than this except for her other recent track, “Lesbionic“. (That I didn’t get around to writing about because of being away on my holidays).

Like bubblegum pop and Kim Petras? In her latest songs, Gia Woods is sounding like she is set for big things. Take this as an indicator to get tuned into this powerhouse now.

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