With the ready-made tag of Queer pop provocateur being bestowed upon her. Persian songstress Gia Woods embraces all of her LGBTQ identity. Puts empowering topics into song and as an LGBTQ activist encourages that we be true to ourselves, helping others to do the same. The singer has announced she will be releasing new music monthly throughout 2019. The latest cut is the sophisticated yet cheeky track “New Girlfriend.” It is a song, where we find the singer in a playful frame of mind. While noticeably at ease with her identity. There is a strong feeling that she really knows what she wants to say. The music video which supports the latest track reveals, she totally IS about spreading her word. Doing so in the most endearing of ways.

Gia has a warm style of vocal delivery. A smokily hushed voice which envelops the senses in a masterful alluring manner. She purrs like a pussy cat but has the resolve of a lioness. With the boldness, bravery and courage to speak about what is exactly on her mind.

New Girlfriend” is basically a song, where the scenario centres around two, one-time lovers, who happen to be out somewhere, and where they meet up at the same time. The ex-partner delights in flaunting their new squeeze right in front of the singer. Yet the reaction, the ex receives from Gia more than likely isn’t what they have been expecting. Gia’s past love may have moved on but if the former boo was thinking to themselves I expect deep down she misses and thinks about me. They are sharply reminded she isn’t afraid to call it as it is. When coming face to face with her replacement and her ex, the singer has verbal ammunition at the ready. Her cutting retort is “I like your new girlfriend more than you.”

With an assertive playful confidence Gia Woods breaks down boundaries and slays exes with the mightiness of, word power. Ha, she’s nobody’s fool. She’s smart and has nice hair. I am here for all of this.

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