New Girlfriend” was the provocative track which introduced us to Persian songstress Gia Woods. The sassy song is still very much fresh in my mind but keeping to her promise of releasing new music monthly, subsequently “Keep On Coming” has arrived. What has she got lined up for us this time? More sweltering hot beats, sultry cooing and a melody which is kinda skewed and enticingly wobbly in a very good way.

I actually prefer the bolder synth styling of this one than that of “New Girlfriend.” There is a bit more going on with the electronic elements, they play a bigger part, switching the mood of the song from intense to upbeat in nothing more than a hot second. Gia’s smoky voice is incredibly alluring which works well when the lyrics are as highly suggestive as these are. The lyrical core of the track deals with infatuation. The use of woozy beats are in fact a very good way to replicate what it is to be drunk on love or lust, as it were.

“The video plays off the highs and lows of infatuation. It shows those beginning stages where you can’t get someone out of your head and everywhere you turn there’s something there to remind you of them.” – Gia Woods

Jasper Soloff directs the “Keep On Coming” footage. He uses plenty of soft focus and moodily lit effects to create a sexy, alluring atmosphere for the visuals. It is the perfect setting for Gia to writhe around provocatively on a silk-sheeted bed, tousling her hair and offering smouldering glances in the direction of the camera. Rather than, see who she is infatuated by we are lead to believe Gia hasn’t actually met them yet. Fantasy and imagination are can sometimes turn out to be more beautiful than reality.

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