Going into “ZILLA” album No 3, Fenech-Soler are making music more off of their own back than ever before. With two acclaimed albums in the debut self-titled effort and follow-up “Rituals” preceding it, Fenech-Soler eluded that tricky sophomore album situation continuing to move forward, refine, diversify and experiment. This is everything that excites me about this band and what makes their album’s engaging and invigorating listening experiences.

A couple of months ago Fenech-Soler sauntered back as a duo, brothers Ben and Ross Duffy. They immediately banished any notions that they’d undergone a massive restructure of their sound though with the arrival of the indie inclined electronic-pop direction of “Kaleidoscope”. It sure sounded pure Fenech-Soler realness of old, which pleased me to no end and excited me of the prospects to come, considerably more.

Joined now by new single “Conversation”, the attention steers straight to the lyrics which are seamlessly carried along with a jaunty synth-pop refrain of the kind that Fenech-Soler have become maestro’s of. It’s unmistakably Fenech-Soler, with an additional flair of personality that singles it out as maybe being tipped as a candidate to be assigned as the band’s new fan anthem. Knowing Fenech-Soler’s electronic pop well, as I do expect there will be a few tracks jostling for this title. “Conversation” though, is a worthy choice.

Conversation” along with “Kaleidoscope”, “On Top”, “Night Time TV” and “Cold Light” are available instantly when pre-ordering “ZILLA