Fenech Soler 1

Fenech-Soler’s highly anticipated sophomore album “Rituals” was released a little over a month ago now and it’s quite amazing to consider that it has already spawned 3 single releases. Actually “Rituals” is an album with plenty of longevity, it is a coherent body of work and falls nothing short of the cult “classic album” status of its self-titled predecessor.

Recently the band asked of their social media outlets for suggestions as to what the next single release should be, and to be perfectly honest I can whole heartily appreciate that having to choose from the remaining wealth of worthy tracks for this accolade from “Rituals” as a hardy task to pick, as really any one of them would serve the purpose amazingly well.

The public have spoken and Fenech-Soler have chosen the mid-tempo glitch pop ambient “In Our Blood”. It comes after a run of high impact releases, the punchy first teasing glimpse of the album “All I Know” that headed-off this campaign followed this summer with “Magnetic” and “Last Forever” – both splendidly suited to the festival and arena settings that the band have continuously appeared at during recent months. With this insight, it makes sense to go for a shift in dynamic to which the overall soaring ambience and glitch pop aura applied upon “In Our Blood” equates in the appropriate measure of dazzlingly superb.