Hallelu the radio silence has been broken and new Fenech-Soler is out there in the world!

The band configuration may now be slimed down to that of a duo made up of Ben and Ross Duffy, aside from this they are completely brandishing the Fenech-Soler signature sound of indie piqued electronic pop that is wholly identifiable of them throughout their career.

Dang it four times over, they’ve only struck back with an EP which is headed up by the title track “Kaleidoscope”. This EQ’s is the equivalent of all your birthdays coming at once, infact for me it absolutely rings with some truth in that!

Punchy synth strokes inter-mingled with sonically basking chords of new-wave seeped electronica still remain true to the foundations of their work and Ben is really on it with the vocals, but then when isn’t he?

When all trace of Temposhark scuppered off the face of this earth, it was Fenech-Soler I turned to, to fill the void. They have never failed to give me that harder hit of lyrical electro that won me over in an instant.

Kaleidoscope” puts the band back on the map a touch creatively bolder and dare we say it visually braver. This video depicting what it can feel like falling in love, utilizing a theme of what goes on under the bedcovers, being the right kind of humour matched by art bringing the message of the lyrics across into the music video realm, being of one of their best.

Not gonna lie, mightily happy to have Fenech-Soler back! their albums are just packed with Brilliance with a capital B and I really don’t foresee as we enter into the realization of the third that what we are headed into to be any different.

Now I really must see through the promise to myself, to catch the guys live. Ben and Ross have announced a short run of dates through October but I’ll be holding out for the bigger tour to happen, to hopefully cease my chance of ticking off experiencing Fenech-Soler live from my wish list. It’s been noted down for way too long. This time it happens!