Canadian born global electro-pop darling Betta Lemme performs in Italian, French, and English yet interestingly sings using the latter on her latest French titled effort “Ce Soir.” I can’t help but think had she recorded the track in French it could be picking up even more interest right now because of the fantastic response, the two French sung entries “Voilà” by Barbara Pravi and Gjon’s TearsTout l’Univers” received at Eurovision. Betta might have missed a trick here but how was she to know French vocals would be all the craze the week she coincidently dropped “Ce Soir.”

Her last offering “Cry,” which I picked up on in March, also exhibited a smattering of European allure because of, being built around the riff “Blue” by the Italian, pop 3-piece, Eiffel 65. Translated “Ce Soir” becomes tonight / this evening. It kinda makes us assume that the track has some provocative leanings. Although this is not quite true of this song. As Betta explains…

“This song is about letting daydreams free and realising that the only thing that will bring meaning to these things is enjoying them with the one you love.”

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It is another bittersweet, soft pop-leaning, EDM banger. A track that both seemingly promotes shedding a few tears and dancing, equally. Written while in lockdown Betta asks “What’s love if you’re not here with me, ce soir?” she wistfully croons, facing the facts of her reality and isolation. And really there is only so much fun you can get from months of online shopping, even an online shopaholic will tell you so. Betta has captured the mood and sings for all of us who have longed for experiencing real-life connection again.

“I wanted to have fun with loneliness and remind myself that some of the lowest points always bring us the perspective that we need.” She says.

Ce Soir” is a two-fold tale both real and imagined. A sensitive and up-close look at the effects of prolonged separation. Which is turned into a positive step forward for Betta Lemme as she continues working on a larger body of work to come later this year.

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