Another artist has put the Eiffel 65 track “Blue” at the heart of their new music. Last year I reported on Swedish songwriter and recording artist Nea who enjoyed an enormous breakthrough with the track “Some Say.” (A track built around the riff of “Blue” by Eiffel 65.) Less than a year down the line, global electro-dance pop darling Betta Lemme has included some Eiffel 65 “Blue” magic into her latest banger “Cry.”

I’m a little bit done with songs tinged with sadness at the moment. I feel like I want to listen to tracks that empower and aid motivation instead. My request is not such a tall order for Betta Lemme. The Canadian singer-songwriter isn’t known for being anything but vivacious and dropping bops. “Cry” kinda indicates a track that tackles the release of heavy emotions. Yet Betta is a big advocate of making music to make us wanna dance. She’s stuck with her signature brand of upbeat electro and popped in some lyrics about how having a little cry can be very good for us.

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“‘Cry’ is about, well, crying, and the ability to carry on for another day, regardless of what life throws at you,” Betta Lemme states, “Every tear helps us level up. Crying is cathartic.”

Betta Lemme reflects, “I’d play ‘Blue’ when I was happy, sad, angry—anything. That song kept me moving. I replay it again and again and realize how poignant and relevant the lyrics still are.”

To tell the truth, my ears detect more of a Betta Lemme spin on this track than just being an Eiffel 65 reimaging. With news that some music festivals will go ahead this year, we are going to need some anthems and party songs to reflect the mood of being allowed out to live gigs again. Betta Lemme has got in early with “Cry.” A track we can relate to about, what we have gone through during the last year and that will equally pull us out the other side because of it’s buzzy, positive allure.

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