With good reason, not least because of sharing impressive, electro, dance-pop tracks. I have recently become curious about Ultra Music inked global pop singer-songwriter, Betta Lemme. Betta, is an artist who, when writing a pop song, allows us to see everything with honest lyricism. Betta gave us a sensitive and up-close look at the effects of prolonged separation (“Ce Soir“) and empowered us to find strength in our tears (“Cry“). Today Betta Lemme isn’t just putting out a new anthem because it’s Pride month alone. “Girls” has the added significance of serving both as an authentic declaration for the fluid artist and a message that galvanizes women (and all people, regardless of gender or orientation) to live and love unabashedly.

This Betta Lemme offering is less of an electro one and more bubbly popalicious. With a quirky, jangly, off-centre kind of melody and fizziness aplenty. As with the singer-songwriter’s previous offerings, it is the tracks unambiguous lyrics that stand out, proudly. The song came out of a songwriting session with GRAMMY-nominated Jenn Decilveo (FLETCHER, Miley Cyrus, Marina) and Jordan Riley (Dua Lipa, Mabel, Sigrid). When having a discussion around “who was your first crush?” Betta confessed they were both Princess Diana AND David Bowie.

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Betta states, “I wish I heard a song like this when I was growing up! I wrote this song for my younger self and want to celebrate it now that I’m older, I hope others can do the same.”

You don’t know how much I wish all outdoor Pride celebrations were going ahead right now. Because “Girls” would go down an absolute storm in this arena and be embraced with openness and wholehearted kindness, I’m sure of it. Besides, “Girls” has an extremely memorable and sparky chorus with a sassy refrain that goes…Shit, I’m in love with..girls, girls… Fuck, I’m in love with…girls, girls”. That when it burns itself into your brain there’s no escaping its, claw-like grasp. Betta Lemme delivers her most persistent ear-worm chorus to date. And she’s responsible for some particularly brilliant pop making too. What Betta Lemme has done is given us an anthem we can truly dance to our heart’s content to.

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