We’ve devoured the Christmas pudding and consumed the last of our festive bakes. It’s 2018, so let’s get back to discovering the talented newbies on the music scene, intending to play a part in shaping pop over the next twelve months. You probably won’t be surprised that in all of the places in the world we’re featuring an emerging artist from Scandinavia. The new generation of Nordic pop stars keeps on giving, building on recent successes such as Tove Lo, Sigrid and Alma. Joining in with the girls with her debut “Remedy” comes Copenhagen raised songstress Ea Kaya who could well be on target to begin reaping some success of her own.

Real name Christine Kiberg, the singer was snapped up by tastemaker label No 3, (home of Kill J and Norell) in 2017 and leads a swathe of, up-and-coming Nordic artists who are on the hot-tip for 2018. Ea Kaya’s, strongest comparisons are without a doubt Sigrid and and, definitely sounds like a hybrid of the two on her debut. Although if we put the inevitable comparisons aside for a moment, the youngster has a solid, tune on her hands, with bittersweet, stinging introduction of the on-the-face of it melodically, breezy “Remedy“.

I think the track does enough to get Ea Kaya noticed and, fire up some curiosity for what comes next. To avoid riding on the coattails of Sigrid though, it would be to her advantage if shook things up a bit on her next few tracks. As a taster, “Remedy” is relevant and on trend. Let’s see her identity come through and I think the signs may be more, encouraging towards the young Dane having a hit song on her hands.

Connect with Ea Kaya
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eakayamusic/
Twitter: @eakayamusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eakayamusic/