I haven’t written about Isac Elliot since he teamed up with the production outfit of Tungevaad and Raaban on their song “Beast” in 2016. This is not to say that the youngster hasn’t continued to put out tracks it is just, that the newer offerings tended to have more of an R’n’B slant than elements of pop or electronic which I am more interested in. Then last year, Isac popped up on my radar again, this time on a reimagined version of Mahmood’s Eurovision entry “Soldi.” Which I felt was a curious move, to say the least. The teenager now returns with a new track which has caught my ear, a pop-sensible effort, “Somebody Else,” on Universal Music Germany.

The talent has been rising up through the ranks since he was eleven years of age. And he has always had the aura of star quality about him. He is still only eighteen, but sense his move to Universal Records Germany means they will be pushing this pop star on the rise, further forward piquing the consciousness of tastemakers on a worldwide scale.

As we head towards 2020, a song like “Somebody Else” with it’s intelligent, clever songwriting could certainly align Isac in the space needed to garner up some tastemaker momentum. His vocals bristle with vulnerability while introducing a tender vibe to the song. It is styled to demonstrate Isac’s musical maturity and versatility which has seen him raise the bar. As a song “Somebody Else” is on-trend. It floats between dreamy electronica and personable pop, which is what many of the male newcomer voices have been doing in recent years (Troye Sivan, Lauv, Greyson Chance, for example.) I can only imagine the best of Isac Elliot is still yet to come. I will continue to monitor his progress, I want to be around when he celebrates his first worldwide hit.

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