From time to time, the pop artist Isac Eliott of Finland pops up on my radar. (As is the way when starting a recording career at a young age). Isac has and does continue to show much promise. Seeing that in 2016 there was a lot of interest in him. I really thought that he would have realised his breakthrough moment before now. But no, he is still relatively unknown outside his Finland homeland and has returned to singing in his native tongue. I noticed he released a new track recently, “Makso Mitä Makso” (“Pay What You Pay”), ft Sexmane (An acclaimed Finnish rap artist).

Although, I am not able to appreciate the lyrics because the song is not sung in English. The electro-pop-driven melody is instead speaking to me in volumes. In fact, this track is piquing my interest more than most other new music releases have this week. Mostly, owing to the darkly tinged electro-pop vibe. Scrolling through the Lyric video comments left on YouTube, it would seem I am not alone in feeling this way.

I know I inferred that I wished this song was sung in English. By the same token, a part of me also enjoys the mystique of not knowing the meaning or lyrical narrative behind “Makso Mitä Makso“. I am content with the peachy vocals and the cool electro-pop groove.

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There’s a little bit of me that thinks the song is about enjoying life to the fullest and not worrying about how much it costs. The theme, therefore, money buys happiness, seems likeliest. Except, it is rarely like this in reality.

Conclusion. I will happily listen to Isac Elliot sing both in Finnish and/or English. So long as he keeps with the electro-pop musical style, I will both keep vibing and dancing along. Why hasn’t the world caught on to his super-talent? They are missing out.

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