Isac Elliot

Photo: Catie Lafoon

Finland continues apace to show its face as a new haven of emerging electronic and pop talent.

Yet of all the numerous new acts which we have recently discovered. If there is one such artist who might grow a stage bigger into the super star league, we should maybe tune in now to one of Finland’s youngest stars on-the-rise Isac Elliot.

Appearing at first look, a baby-faced 15 year old. Isac has more music fully fledged releases to his name already than some greater established acts.

For all of Isac’s efforts to date though, which amount to soul styled in pop in the same lanes of Justin Bieber, Austin Mahone or the bigger pop efforts by Shawn Mendes. The youngster is pushing forward even more so now with a touch of refinement on board.

Newly released single “What About Me” is not as showy as some of Isac’s previous numbers. It is taking all of that down a peg but too a greater merit. Since, Isac’s pristine vocals atop the gentle strains of a lilting guitar bring to mind an authentic dynamic, akin to the like we have seen hot pop commodity Troye Sivan bring out into the open.

We haven’t so much sat up and listened to Isac Elliot before all this, but the more vocally dominant impact “What About Me” is bringing to light right now, could very well see a change in all that.

These vocals are lit in both tone and dynamic and are giving their all in raising Isac Elliot’s world-wide profile to somewhere of a much greater place in standing.