2018, was an eventful year for singer-songwriter Etham. He played some festival dates. Went on tour with Noah Kahan, and unleashed the “Better Now” acoustic EP. All in addition to the video for his soul-stirring summer release “Future.” In the last few weeks, he has returned again to releasing stripped-back tracks, one each month. In much the same way he finished up 2018, Etham begins 2019, with “Purpose” another of his beautiful acoustic styled offerings.

You won’t hear me say this too often (as I am completely enthusiastic about electronic pop music), it really doesn’t bother me that there is not an electronic keyboard in sight on this latest track from Etham. Afterall singer-songwriter types tend to favour working with guitars anyways. The softer strains of a piano and guitar strings accompaniment are all that is required to form a delicate backdrop against Etham’s dramatically emotive voice. As a singer/artist/musician he has established a style which resonates warmly with unbeatable harmonies and catchy melodies. He pens lyrically concise, focused songs. “Purpose” is no different.

The ability to embrace the vulnerable side of himself opens up a way of portraying themes focused around life, love, and creativity. “Purpose” explores the finer details of a blossoming romance while managing to hint at a future filled with hope and happiness. By the way, he sings so adoringly, I think its safe to say he’s besotted with the special person who inspired him to write this song.

What is in the works for 2019, for the singer? Well, his social media posts indicate he’s returned to the studio to continue writing and recording even more new material. His end of year message reads, “It’s been a crazy year, thank you so much for the support and I look forward to sharing another one with you next year 🙌.” He doesn’t need to prove to me he’s a name to be recognised, his tracks to date have already done so. But if there’s a chance to stir up even bigger waves of support during the next twelve months, Etham is the artist who can make it happen, with tracks which shine a light on his lyrical and vocal prowess.

Connect with Etham
Facebook: https://facebook.com/EthamMusic/
Twitter: @ethammusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/etham/