It is good to hear about more and more LGBTQ ladies arriving on the pop scene lately. While in recent times, FLETCHER, Hayley Kiyoko, King Princess and MUNA have all come to prominence. There is always room to grow the community further. Rising singer-songwriter and multidisciplinary artist Zolita is the latest queer feminist pop sensation coming through the ranks. Her tracks “Somebody I F*cked Once” and “Single In September,” were hailed as great hits by critics and fans alike. As she completes the final instalment of a track trilogy with the song “I F*cking Love You.” I decided that I needed to start writing about her here on the blog.

In the videos and music. Zolita pours every bit of emotion and storytelling into the narratives she uses, both lyrical and visual. Her music style slots right in on the alternative side of pop with a dash of rock for added edge and crossover appeal. Last year, when I first heard “Somebody I F*cked Once,” I appreciated the lyrics but was hesitant about the emboldened pop-rock style. The follow-up track “Single In September” gave me more of the same. I had resigned myself to thinking Zolita wouldn’t appear on these blog pages anytime soon. How wrong was I in this assumption?

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Whereas her previous viral hits documented the highs and lows of a relationship. (“Somebody I F*cked Once” is asking is this love or just a one night stand. “Single In September” describes a separation.) The final instalment, “I F*cking Love You,” concentrates on what happens five years later. Despite being in different places in life, Zolita (now a big pop star) and Gia, the love interest (now a photographer,) experience an unexpected and joyful moment of reconnection. Similarly, now that chaos and turmoil are out of the way, the edges are softer in a musical context. Hence, why Zolita earns her debut on EQ Music Blog today.

I get why everyone is going so crazy over her, only I get the opportunity to now show some appreciation of her art, also. Zolita, really is the new hope for LGBTQ music, if you ask me. Get this girl on the festival circuit pronto and watch her music ascent inevitably take off in a big way.

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