Taking a break from blogging summer anthems for a brief minute. I just listened to the new song from queer feminist pop sensation Zolita. A track called “Grave” is absolutely exquisite! According to Zolita, “Grave” talks about choosing to be the bigger person when someone you love hurts you. This is definitely, a powerful message that I think a lot of people can relate to.

Overall I appreciate her talent and how Zolita captures emotions in her songs. Although I will admit, I am not always the biggest fan of Zolita’s rock-pop style of music. However, when she focuses on the pop or ballad elements, then I am all ears. Her latest release, “Grave,” is a slower-paced effort that showcases her affecting vocals and soul-stirring artistry. The song uses a powerful yet delicate approach which I find very appealing.

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The raw emotional pop ballad is autobiographical, telling the story of how Zolita spent a lot of time looking for validation that the love was real after a toxic relationship she was in ended. The lyrics are so honest and vulnerable, and the melody is incredibly catchy. It’s a powerful reminder that we should never settle for less than we deserve in love and that healing takes time.

She says… “it was really cathartic to know I had the power to expose this persons wrongdoings and make them hurt in the same way I did. But in the end I found more power in choosing to keep things to myself and not give this person any more of my energy”.

The past few years have been a whirlwind for Zolita, where she has gained much recognition for her emotionally charged songs and videos. She recently completed her first headlining tour, a resounding success, which sold out completely. Furthermore, $1 from every ticket sold was donated to the Trevor Project, making it a meaningful and impactful tour for all involved.

In addition, Zolita is currently performing in major cities coast-to-coast on Bebe Rexha’s 19-date “Best F’n Night of My Life” U.S. tour.

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