Readers of EQ Music Blog won’t be surprised to learn, my head has been turned by another emerging Swedish singer-songwriter. Stockholm based teen-pop singer SVEA picked up a wave of buzz back in Sweden when she released debut single “Don’t Mind Me” earlier this summer. It didn’t just happen, because, the song contains some pretty, sexy lyrics for an eighteen-year-old to be singing. She has a very, nice singing voice and purposeful vocal delivery not unlike Bülow’s. Which as followers of new emerging pop artists will already know. Bülow’s honest style is seriously putting her in pole position to receive lots of nominations in end of year polls this tastemaker season.

Svea, on the other hand, is already showing potential signs of a promising future ahead of her. A recent graduate of the prestigious Rytmus Music High School in Stockholm. Where previous students have included global pop icons Robyn, Tove Lo and Icona Pop. She is the latest fledgling artist to come out of an area with a growing reputation as a hotbed of musical talent. The confidence and conviction which exudes in both singles are without question, a result of her reputable schooling. Nonetheless, she has come out of the gate with a distinct dynamic of contemporary pop, artistry. Which feels very much on par with current trends.

Debut single “Don’t Mind Me” is about self-love and self-dependence. And definitely appears to take a lead of inspiration from Tove Lo’s recent provocative output. Follow-up track “Selfish” is a continuation of this liberating theme. Svea explains “I’ve been in relationships where I totally lost myself. You know the feeling of being codependent when you don’t even know who you are without the other person? That’s exactly what I mean. So the thing is that most people choose to break up when this happens. But “Selfish” is more about working on yourself and finding out who you are on your own so that in the end, your relationship can grow stronger. And also, being a little bit selfish sometimes is not all bad.”

I am definitely of the opinion Svea will capitalise on the attention created around these two singles and give me even more opportunities to write about her uber cool songs in the coming months. I cannot emphasise enough that if you were an early fan of Bülow, you particularly need to get on board with “Selfish.” I’m convinced you are just a fan in waiting of Svea. Get busy with the play button on the stream above and hear for yourselves why Svea has the potential to make a big splash in pop music.

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