Before I jump right in to review the track “Die For You.” I wanted to remind our readers of my thoughts about Swedish newcomer SVEA. I had this to say about the emerging singer-songwriter when I first wrote about the track “Selfish” in September of last year. “I am definitely of the opinion SVEA will capitalise on the attention created around these two singles and give me even more opportunities to write about her uber cool songs in the coming months.” Never could truer words be spoken. She’s dropped her debut EP “This Is” which is bursting with lyrically, intelligent pop-sensible tracks.

This introductory extended offering from the young Swede showcases a supreme level of accomplishment. As a lyricist, she lays all her cards on the table. The lyrics are bristling with substance and unfiltered emotion. In fact, the overall tone of the release both vocally and stylistically is remarkably sophisticated for one of such tender years. I am seeing, SVEA has the potential to become a bigger concern within the Swedish pop realm. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if she blows up to prominence soon, much in the way Tove Lo did just a few short years ago.

Of the “This Is” EP tracks I haven’t yet written about, opener “Die For You” not only suits with our coverage best, it is the song which is also handily being prompted as the new focus of the extended player. If there was a better reason to back up my previous comments about SVEA and my references to Tove Lo, it plainly comes across in no uncertain terms with this song. In the sum of all things pop. “Die For You” earnestly hands out, exactly what Tove’s tracks could sound like if she didn’t throw in her customary expletives, (which frankly have become quite jarring to me.) SVEA is an enchanting, impressive recording artist and really has no need to use foul language to get her noticed.

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