Have you noticed how the emerging artist sector is really taking off lately? Quite honestly, the newbies are gaining ground like they were not able for the past few years. It cheers me enormously to see new talent getting the recognition they deserve. Although it is not just the singers, songwriters or duos, either. Producers are also making waves in the industry. I wanted to highlight a Scottish producer named sadHAPPY today that I feel our blog readers would really enjoy.

The artist formerly known as Aaron Smith (previously covered on the blog HERE) – underwent a rebirth and now uses the name sadHAPPY. The pandemic gave him a chance to reflect on his struggles with anxiety and depression. That he realized the name sadHAPPY better encapsulated his journey towards finding happiness in everything. The new name is a reminder to embrace both life’s highs and lows, while striving to become the best version of ourselves.

August 25th sees the release of the sadHAPPY debut EP “Say Goodbye,” (Pre-save HERE). Here is a taste of what we can expect, plucked from the latest SadHAPPY tracks “America” and “Dance Again.”

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sadHAPPY said: “”America” is a song about the first time I went to LA, I was so anxious and worried about life, but as soon as I got there the worries disappeared and I had clarity again. That feeling stayed with me throughout the whole trip. It was written in a way that it could be interpreted differently to the next person, like needing closure from something or someone.”

I am really enjoying the upbeat musical style of this song! It’s got such a great vibe. It totally evokes the feeling of driving down the highways on a sunny day headed towards the coast. The whole thing just screams American summer to me!

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Dance Again” is a disco-house single that just oozes euphoria and joy. I learned that the song was born from a writing session that took place in an AirBnB in Scotland with producer James Carter. In a statement, sadHAPPY, has talked about how they picked the cosiest cottage they could find and simply had fun writing without any pressure. It’s amazing how the contrast between the chilled environment and the big dance song they created encapsulates sadHAPPY’s broad musical experience.

I am really enjoying their debut material. What sets them apart from other artists we hear about on a daily basis is the amount of thought that goes into their lyrics. What I do find refreshing is that sadHAPPY tackles socially aware topics that are not often covered in the electronic dance-pop genre. Thus it’s beyond doubt that this production act isn’t solely focused on creating club hits for the dancefloor. And I think that’s a great thing. The reason being, tracks like, “America” and “Dance Again,” showcase sadHAPPY’s unique approach to music. Furthermore proving there is more than one way to become a talked-about production act.

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