EQ readers might remember I recently featured an emerging Scottish producer, sadHAPPY, on this blog via an emerging artists post. I highlighted a couple of their songs, “America” and “Dance Again“, but I also mentioned their upcoming debut EP, “Say Goodbye,” was due August 25th. However, I didn’t mention before that I had the privilege of getting an early listen to this EP. And to be honest, I knew I would be writing about sadHAPPY again soon, so here we are!

Even before the “Say Goodbye” EP dropped on Friday, I was delighted with all it had to offer. I have to say, I had a feeling I’d be enjoying it without skipping any tracks, and that’s exactly what happened. I usually find it hard to get excited about electronic production acts, as I have a tendency to prefer singers, singer-songwriters, or group efforts. But Aaron Smith, aka sadHAPPY, has something really captivating about his music that drew me in. Plus, I really appreciate that he shares his lyrics and vocals.

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Also, the track I engaged with most is the new single and EP title track, “Say Goodbye.” Therefore there absolutely was no hesitation that I would follow up with sadHAPPY. What I appreciate about SadHAPPY’s production is that he’s not trying too hard to be different or innovative just yet. He’s taking his time to get into his groove, and that’s perfectly fine with me. What really sets sadHAPPY apart from other artists is his incredible songwriting skills and exceptional vocals. He’s definitely someone to keep an eye on in the music industry.

So far, we’ve been able to enjoy music videos for the tracks “Dance Again” and “America,” but we have yet to see what a sadHAPPY live set might look like. Interestingly enough, Aaron from sadHAPPY has shared a really cool rooftop performance clip of “Say Goodbye.” It’s definitely worth checking out! In conclusion, I don’t think sadHAPPY is being unrealistic with their goals for this new project – if anything, their aspirations are sky-high. And that’s a good thing!

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