Do you ever feel like you miss out on new music discoveries because you can’t attend the biggest new music festivals? Well, fear not! There are many other ways to find your new favourite artist or band. For example, one afternoon recently, I went down an internet rabbit hole. During my six degrees of separation-like experience, I inadvertently stumbled upon independent pop artist Jason Kwan. And in a fortuitous twist, found “Deja Vu” the first track off his same-titled debut EP. A release which is an alluring representation of his unique indie-styled electro-pop sound.

Anyone who appreciates pop music with a deeper meaning will resonate with Jason Kwan’s style of pop mastery. In his song “Deja Vu,” he shares his personal journey of growing up in Hong Kong, moving to the UK, and accepting his queer identity through powerful lyrics that resonate with listeners. One of the reasons I was drawn to Jason’s music is his collaboration with cinematographer Darius Shu, whose work on other music artist’s videos I’ve enjoyed. (Namely, “Loving You Like That” by Tia Kofi and “Kiss Away” by Billy Cullum).

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Darius Shu’s cinematic style and preference for storyboarded themes are evident in the clip, making it a quintessential representation of his work. The deliberate use of a style evocative of the 90s adds a nostalgic touch. Especially suitable for reminiscing about the carefree moments of our youth. The clip notably acts somewhat as a flashback, charting the fleeting moments of freedom before the burden of responsibilities takes over our lives. Overall, the clip is a masterful display of storytelling and of Darius Shu’s expert filmmaking.

Above all, discovering Jason Kwan’s music through “Deja Vu” has brought a promising new artist to my attention. Moreover, with his debut EP is coming out soon, NOW is the perfect time to discover this rising star.

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