I think it’s about time we turned our emerging artist spotlight onto pop newcomer Houssein. The teenager singer-songwriter is really starting to pull in a lot of buzz with his original compositions, after establishing a sizeable following with cover songs online. Following in the steps of Shawn Mendes, Houssein first started to make his presence felt on the social media platform Vine, but following its demise, he then jumped onto video social network app musical.ly where he has since amassed millions of interactions.

Even before he begins to sing, he has the cute pop heartthrob looks to make legions of young ladies go cray, cray over him. However, his music is equally as noticeable, super catchy and rock solid with prominent vocal harmonies any boy band set up would be falling over themselves to replicate. Plus he’s got that likeable appeal about him going on. In that, he appears to be just a nice young lad with nothing but pop star ambitions on his mind.

Making the transition from recording covers to honing his own music style and sound has seen the teen sensation follow a path created in an upbeat, modern vibe. Impressionably, cool debut “5 Bucks” falls under the same bracket of Justin Bieber similarity which first introduced a young Conor Maynard and Elyar Fox into our lives. (Remember them?) The momentum is moving fast on Houssein we are at single number three already. “Summer Night” is a strident electronic pop tune, replete with an epically sounding chorus and is perfectly geared for inclusion on summer playlists.

Up to this point, Houssein has been chasing his dreams. Now, he is ready to take some big steps in the music industry. And, it helps that he’s got that “it” thing in heaps.

Connect with Houssein
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HousseinSouth
Twitter: @cheekyhoussein
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/houssein/