Singer and songwriter Houssein secured a spot, here on EQ Music Blog with his all guns blazing electronic pop anthem “Summer Night” last summer. Since then he has been far from quiet. Put out a further two taster singles and accomplished important firsts in his career. Such as his first TV appearance and first ever arena show. 2018 treated him pretty good. He’s been working hard to make 2019 even better. The release of “Sixteen” ensures he is off on a good footing.

As someone who has an insatiable hunger for brightly lit electronic-pop with plenty of heart and soul beating out of it. On this song, 19-year old Houssein gives me all that I have a constant craving for. A pleasant melody which has good fluidity. A vocal which seamlessly traverses dynamics and is steeped in emotive tones. More importantly, the track has a lyrical depth which

“focuses on the common occurrence of ignorance and immaturity in teen relationships. It’s all a learning process that I reflect on with the benefit of hindsight,” Houssein explains.

When you get to see the journey behind a pop singer on the rise and because of how active he is on social media. You become engrossed in the star in the making process. It is no good if the songs don’t hold up, unlike this prodigious young chap who only produces pop beats of the noticeably, super catchy kind. For the “Sixteen” video we get to see this talented young man in a rehearsal session with his live band – Charlie, Josh and Jamie. Why would you need a big budget production when the essence and sense of feeling about this song and who this singer has been captured in this delightful clip. To see them working on their dream like this, in the moment. Gives a genuine sense of pride in the art they are making. You really wouldn’t see any of that unfeigned kind of normalcy in a lavishly produced visual. I like that, for the “Sixteen” video they have kept it real.

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