The young singer-songwriter Houssein from London has popped up on my radar more than once already. Yet, I still regard him as a young-gun in the midst of defining his sound. He’s impacted us with the big electro-pop track “Summer” and further treated us to a taste of a more lyrical styling with his warmly, emotive song “Sixteen.” The Londoner has set a goal for himself, which amounts in taking, bigger steps, in honing his style. In regards to Houssein’s, evolving music style, the current track “2015” is where I am seeing things falling into shape. A coming together and defining of ideas which have been present, through previous tracks. These being, singer-songwriter vibes, which are seen through a stringed guitar-driven section. A good showing of lyrical content topped off by flourishes of electronic-pop in evidence. These are indicative moves by this emerging artist, continuing to ensure he is making the right kind of steps in the right direction. That new listeners outside of his high ranking TikTok fanbase can also enjoy.

“‘2015‘ is about some really great summers I’ve had over the last few years. It outlines the sort of post-school exams but pre-adult world era, where you relatively carefree and can just have fun with the people you love. I consider “2015” to be the first year I experienced that, and so used that year as a blanket term for all the subsequent summers.” – Houssein

My feeling is, this song has a little of something everyone can enjoy. Whether your preference is the jangly pop style or electronic. Houssein has all bases covered (excepting hard-core metal) with this song. Besides the alluring direction, the music is going in. Houssein is also showing signs of being a clever lyricist. His heartfelt storytelling is endearing, totally sincere and endlessly listenable. However, what will get this track noticed above all else, is that it plays into the current trends within pop which are reaping chart success. There is no doubt in my mind Houssein is multi-talented in many areas. Deserves to be on the hot-tip. A newcomer who commands attention.

Connect with Houssein
Twitter: @housseinSouth