Our readers may have noticed that we don’t typically feature many Country music artists on this blog. However, we occasionally make exceptions when there’s a good reason to do so. One such example is Alabama-based Country/pop singer-songwriter RYN, who recently underwent some significant life changes. One of these changes involves her exploring the electronic music realm. She is releasing a unique EDM-flavoured remix of her latest track, “Hellava Ride,” which our readers can exclusively listen to on the blog today.

The track “Hellava Ride” was a significant turning point for RYN. She co-wrote the song with Stephen J Antonelli before moving to Alabama – a bold move that saw her leaving her family and friends behind. This track marks the beginning of RYN’s journey of self-discovery. Similarly, serves as a reminder to everyone pursuing their dreams that taking risks is an essential part of the process.

Seeking change is sometimes a scary prospect. Yet, it can also be the most rewarding decision in the long run. A real leap of faith will have us soar beyond our wildest expectations. RYN is a good example of this. Since leaving her past behind and starting anew in 2019, she has undergone such a transformative experience. Therefore, it is somewhat appropriate for her song “Hellava Ride” that this song especially has a unique, out-of-her-comfort-zone slant lavished upon it. What better way to see this through than remix it.

“While acoustic versions of songs are common, I like to be unique. I thought a dance remix was in order”. RYN comments.

The lyrics from the song “It’s my time to shine” are particularly resonant in this instance. Not only do they apply to the song’s narrative, but they also reflect the electrifying remix treatment that RYN’s artistry has received. This new remix of “Hellava Ride” truly shimmers with electronic delight, showcasing RYN’s talent in a way that has never been seen before.

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