Sometimes, it can be challenging when a song falls outside of our usual coverage, such as a recent Country music track that came my way. Despite this blog’s focus on pop, electronic, and indie music, I couldn’t help but be struck by “Just A Phase,” a song by Brian Falduto. It really resonated with me, and I believe our readers at EQ Music Blog deserve to hear it too.

As an actor, Brian Falduto is best known for his role as Billy, aka Fancy Pants, in the cult-classic movie “School of Rock“. However, he has recently made a name for himself as a country music artist with the release of his debut album “Gay Country” in March. The album has been receiving positive reviews. When I listened to the stand-alone offering, “Just A Phase“, I was struck by the highly emotional and authentic style of artistry Brian brings to his music. The storytelling in the song is particularly powerful and engaging, which makes it easy for listeners to connect with.

About “Just A Phase“, Brian explains…

“The song is about my first love – a college boyfriend who I came out of the closet with. The way he responded to our relationship ending felt invalidating to how I experienced it emotionally. I even began questioning the queer awakening we shared because of his gaslighting behavior afterward”.

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Just A Phase” may be classified as a country-style song, but Brian added modern touches to make it unique. His ability to convey incredible vulnerability through his vocals is truly captivating and noteworthy. Additionally, his impressive vocal range showcases his talents as an artist. Overall, “Just A Phase” is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates a fresh take on country music. Or either good authentic music for that matter.

Brian is currently working on new music in Nashville and New York and says “Just a Phase” is indicative of where he wants to go next as a storyteller.

He adds, “Gay Country” (album) was me trying to tie two things together that I was told couldn’t go together: being gay and loving country music. Now that I made that statement with that record, I’m looking to show what else I can do.

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