There is a question I often ask myself, and it is this, where have the quirky pop guys disappeared to? Myylo, Yavin and Middlespoon are it in terms of break-out acts lately, as far as I am aware. On the flip side of the coin, I have noticed it is the ladies, moreover, who are more prone to throw caution aside. Allowing their charmingly eccentric personalities to shine out like a beacon of colour-filled quirkiness.

In fact, with the emergence of quirky lady upstarts in abundance. One of the hottest new trends in pop for 2023 is being led by pop provocateurs like Jessica Winter and Caity Baser. Similarly notable, North London singer-songwriter, Belot laid the groundwork with her 2022 debut EP “Harmless Fun“. Upon checking out her latest effort, “Cool Whip,” there’s no doubt she is stepping up her dynamic, earworm pop game for 2023.

This track is quite an alternative take on funk pop because Belot found her musical niche early. Since the age of 14, she has been developing her own music style, and from then on, in her approach, she has continued moving forward. Behind the seriously nerdy frames is a whip-smart lyricist and masterful wordsmith. Who pens thought-provoking tracks that radiate a sense of fun and edginess.

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In the song “Cool Whip,” she puts relationships under the microscope. Belot, being Belot, this is a sideways look where she unravels the true intentions of a seemingly caring partner. In order to create a distraction from being found out about their sinful behaviour, they bestow lavish gifts and gestures on their partner.

“I always thought it would be interesting to write about the sort of dynamic, where the nicer the gift, the worse the crime.”  Belot explains.

The song exudes a light-hearted melodic spin, yet the lyrics are a battle cry of fierceness and empowerment.

She is not a run-of-the-mill pop artist by any stretch of the imagination. Thanks to Belot introducing her leftfield music to the masses. The pop world has become wholly more interesting, for sure.

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