I recently was alerted to a new pop artist, Belot, and I have to say, they have already left an impression on me with one of their latest releases, “Cool Whip.” The track brims with thought-provoking lyrics and a fun, edgy vibe that immediately caught my attention. Belot has a unique signature style that sets them apart from other pop artists. I love the unpredictability of their music, and I cannot wait to see what they come up with next. Belot is definitely a rising pop star to keep an eye on!

I am excited to listen to the new Belot song, “Get This,” but before diving in for a listen. I have a hunch I should brace myself for some sharp wit first. Judging by her previous songs, she strikes me as someone who will not tolerate nonsense or inappropriate behaviour. Her heartbreak songs are likeliest to be cleverly subversive and not your typical pop fare. Despite her cutting lyrics, I sense she will still manage to charm us in her own way. Let us press play and see what she has in store for us.

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For starters, “Get This” is such a bold choice of track. It has a great pop sound with an electronic beat that instantly makes you want to dance. But when you properly listen to the lyrics, you realize “Get This” is not just another breakup song. The words are actually pretty harsh. She is singing about moving on from a relationship and not giving the other person another chance. I think Belot really gets her point across in this song.

Making reference to the song lyrics, Belot comments…

“I’d hope it’s not a feeling everyone has had, but I know that most of us at some point have wanted an ex to sit on a cactus”.

There is no denying that she exudes a lot of sass. Her approach to songwriting is both unapologetic and charming. When Belot has something to say, you can bet she will say it loud and clear. Her words and lyrics are explosive, bursting with creativity and energy. My curiosity is piqued by this kind of passion, and is why I am eager to hear what she has to say.

Belot UK Live Dates

3rd June – The Courtyard Theatre, London (Supporting ARXX) – Tickets HERE
4th June – Mighty Hoopla Festival, London

Connect with Belot
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/itsbelot
Twitter: https://twitter.com/its_belot
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/its_belot/