Readers. I am not sure if you have noticed her yet. The break-out singer Caity Baser is another TikTok discovery artist making waves, owing to the viral success of her songs “Friendly Sex” and “X&Y“. Albeit foremost, she is grabbing attention for her use of sassy lyricism and acerbic vocal delivery above all. And where much of the music industry has been quick to draw comparisons between her musical style with Lily Allen, namely. This is pretty much what is said about most female artists when they are outspoken and forthright and don’t sing giddy songs about being loved up.

Unlike some, my style is that I tend not to jump on the bandwagon, the hot minute an emerging artist instantly gains viral success. I prefer to hold back, waiting to see if they have more songs that hold up as bone-fide hits first. With Caity Baser, on her releases thus far, she is experimenting with musical styles. Incorporating bluesy soul accents into indie-pop and blurring 60s doo-wop sound with the type of dry-witted lyricism Kate Nash would be proud to write.

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Whereas neither of the viral tracks piqued me. (Moreover, the music styles, not the lyrics). The newest offering, “Kiss You” exudes more of the boppy, pop style I appreciate. As a matter of fact, not unlike that DYLAN has used to charm me and impress her way through 2022. While she secured top-tier tour support slots.

Kiss You” is based on a date Caity had and where she comments…

“The video is inspired by a date I actually had: I really did go on a drive, and the guy really just wouldn’t fucking kiss me”.

Baby Queen, DYLAN, Caity Baser, is the current notable trend among emerging pop. Although the similarities between them are obvious. Baser’s USP is she twists the knife harder with her irreverent turns than the rest.

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