Nothing stirs up exhilarating curiosity in me than when something quite special lands in my inbox out of the blue. While I have known about emerging Swedish songstress Léon, I haven’t been contacted or neither written about her before. Therefore being sent over a preview copy of her self-titled debut album was, completely unexpected, but nonetheless an instant source of intrigue. Which I was only too happy to obligingly look into and explore further.

I was aware of Léon’s vocal talent, her smoky voice which plunges to a deeper register than most female pop singers can hope to manage. The lovely soulfulness it has. The main trait which sets her apart from the saturation of Scandinavian pop newcomers who are brought to our attention every week. Léon has her own lane, and she’s stuck to what she does best regardless of the pressures which have undoubtedly, swirled around her urging her to conform. Some people will feel indifferent to her indie-soulful-pop hybrid style. Having spent some quality time with the debut album, I am completely hooked.

Still, in her early twenties, Léon’s outward coolness is reflective of that of an old soul, in a young skin. She has an air of confidence about her. A dogged determination, call it tenacity which stands her in good stead. From it’s starting to it’s finish I found the “Léon” album simply divine and entrancing. The more I became immersed into it’s warmly inviting tones throughout I began to realise there is quite a striking similarity in her vocals comparable to that of Sia. Check “Hope Is A Heartache” (The early Sia – not so much the current LSD, EDM version.)

Léon hasn’t been promoted here in the UK yet, (the album releases physically in the UK April 5th) but things are starting to rapidly change in this respect. She will headline London’s Islington Assembly, April 8th (sold-out) while the latest single release “You and I“) has been added to the A-List at Radio 2.

Before I got my first listen in of this album, I had formed only the sketchiest of opinions about Léon and her music. I have certainly gotten to know the Swedish singer so much better when spending an afternoon in the company of this exceptional, debut full-length album. Believe all the good press you read about Léon and especially of this remarkable album. These opinions are accurate and absolutely valid. Now that I’ve found “Léon” I know it will be an album I will keep returning back to. If pop with a soulful depth and a powerful, musicality, appeals I encourage you to do the same.

Connect with Léon
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Twitter: @itsleonleon
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leon/