Swedish songstress LÉON cast a spell over me when releasing her self-titled debut album last year. That I literally feel warm and tingly at the mere mention of LÉON’S husky, deep-registering vocals. I find her voice incredibly soothing. She has the unique ability, of being gifted in her talented ways to render me deeply engaged with her voice and her voice only. I could be sitting in at a busy train station with all manner of hustle, and bustle, going on around me. But I know for sure, the silky smoothness LÉON provides would have the absolute power to totally cancel out the sound of day-to-day chaos.

News that the songstress plans to release a second full-length studio album in fall 2020 through LÉON Recordings, her imprint partnership with BMG. Has brightened up my week. The bright streak doesn’t stop there. Coinciding with the forthcoming album announcement, LÉON landed us, a splendid new single, in way of, “And it Breaks My Heart.”

The track is neither styled with my beloved electronic, or alt-pop, trappings. A very gorgeous orchestral and string arrangement, nonetheless, creates an epic, sweeping, widescreen pop entrance. Arriving in readiness, like the unfurling of a red carpet, put carefully in place for the singer to lay down, her special, kind of VIP, captivating vocals. Her voice is so regal. That, I can’t think of anyone else who sounds like her at all. That endears me to LÉON even more, if I’m honest. We might scoff, at many love songs, for being overtly gushing, or unpleasantly, cringeworthy. Not so of this Swedish songstress. She has the capturing of emotions, along with translating them into beautiful pop songs, down to a fine art.

The music video particularly harnesses, an enveloping power because of its intimate nature. And because we cannot expect music videos to look like this again for some while yet. I’ve never felt as tearful as when I watched the couple hugging, in this clip. As it really drove home, the simplest form of showing affection that we cannot physically partake of, right now. It is hard to know if I have a lump in my throat because the song is so beautiful or it’s the hugging scenes which are at the root of getting me choked up.

Connect with Léon
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/itsleonmusic/
Twitter: @itsleonmusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leon/

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