Emerging Artists

EQ Music handpicks all the freshest new music daily. Here is who you need on your radar now…

Emerging Artists: Loote

Make space in your summer playlists for some Loote! We can already see their debut single being a major mainstream pop to dancefloor crossover hit because it’s pretty banging on both accounts.

Emerging Artist: JIM

There is plenty of fizz in JIM’s songs to score a favourable reaction. Infact, you can practically taste the rainbow in them. They are so neon charged and gleaming in unabashed poptasticness.

Emerging Artists: Zebra Lova

This curious little French electronic duo Zebra Lova unashamedly take bits and bobs from the 80’s. Analogue synths and speak-singing (not rapping!) and turn it enjoyably into quirky, nu-retro styled pop songs.

Emerging Artists: Koiya

Newcomers Koiya have served up a potently electrifying debut. “Brood” is all these things; spectral, lavishly seductive, sublime and soaring but most of all - epically fabulous.