This electronic dance track “We Were Young” from Brazil-born Belfast based Shibashi, AKA Gigi Monterro, is impressively good. In the way, it’s seemingly giving huge nods of New Order influence teamed with a heap load of other 80s inspired electronic flair. The singer-songwriter Chlöe Howl appears on this sophomore single. I was most curious to listen to this collaboration. As I am more familiar with her style, tipping towards the soulful end of the spectrum because this particularly suits her distinctively husky vocals. Shibashi has encouraged her out of her comfort zone with something more upbeat and buzzy to stamp her powerful, authentic vocals on.

Shibashi said, “It’s a heart on your sleeve, dance away the tears, first big break up song. It parallels a relationship with starting out young in the music industry. The ‘twists and turns’ involved in trying to break through and find your feet. New Order meets Lady Gaga at a dinner party with Van Halen.”

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While I’ve never been greatly enamoured with Chloe before, (and therefore I found her an interesting choice for lead vocals on an electronic dance track,) she fits in amazingly well with this bold, upbeat style of pop. I hope she will consider branching out with this inspired disco style, more. The same can be said for Shibashi, (whom I had never heard about before) described as being famously shy of the spotlight with a good reputation within the underground dance community. I am thrilled by his decision to take a peek above ground for once (although, undoubtedly, it was prompted by restrictions brought about by the pandemic). I would have most certainly remained clueless about Shibashi/Gigi Monterro. He’s hardly a household name, but he might need to start getting used to people like me sending praise his way if he is planning to build on the Shibashi brand with wicked 80s disco indebted dance tracks such as “We Were Young“.

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