Like a phoenix rising, the much talked about return of Chlöe Howl has now spawned her first single in two years.

You might recall that Chlöe was being touted as one of the next big things in 2014, making it as a nominee for both the Critics Choice and BBC Sound Of polls. Chlöe’s ascent into pop was so fast-paced back then, perhaps on reflection, it was a wise move to take stock, go on a bit of a hiatus from releasing material and reconnect with everyone, once she grew into her music style just that little bit more. All because of this, it’s a new version of Chlöe Howl who is making her re-entry into pop today.

The first thing you’ll notice on the new track “Magnetic” is that the sound has amassed sonically and wades into a pop R&B direction. The whole depth of Chlöe’s vocal too has matured over in a small amount of time. What was once, quirky and rather raw in her debut efforts has become polished and soulfully abundant in this new single.

Maybe, just maybe Chlöe will clock up a few more hit singles and we’ll get the debut album we’re due from this assuredly talented, singer/songwriter.