One Bit are currently one of the hottest emerging electronic duos on the scene but, also they are a prolific writing team who has co-written and produced with Stormzy and Nick Brewer. In their latest collaboration “My Way“, they team up with the youngest of the Cyrus family, Noah, who recently followed the footsteps of father Billy Ray and sister Miley into the world of pop.

While I have been well aware of Noah’s launch as a singer through her singles “Make Me Cry” featuring Labrinth, “Stay Together” and “Again“, she hasn’t really, left an impression on me until featuring on this guest spot on “My Way” with One Bit. Suddenly, with the upbeat, pounding rhythms and melody of the song, I notice Noah’s vocal has some Sia style smokey tones, I haven’t picked out before that are working their magic on me.Overnight the track which is centred around a sample from Scottish producer Mylo’s 2004 electro hit “Drop The Pressure,” has gone from sleeper song to my first dance banger crush of the New Year.

What is interesting about the video is that it represents more than, just a pastel, shaded dinner party where the guests would rather dance and rock their booties, than scoff their faces full of edible delights. It attempts to turn stereotypical gender roles on their head. The lyrics of the track adopt a theme of tolerance and celebration joyously smashing together thought-provoking words interpreting them in a very, powerful way to symbolise gender non-conformity. The visualizer may be coloured by pastel pink and blue hues, but there is every chance it will turn into a rainbow when you take notice of the lyrics and the spectrum of emotions they stir up.

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