I can’t seem to get enough of the latest Nova Miller track “Turn Up The Fire“. I thought my current fondness for the song would be best recognised going in for a second helping of, blog love which has been made all the more easier in light of the stunning, music video release.

When I recently shared my thoughts about, Nova’s latest captivating, pop charmer. I commented that the style of the track, felt as though the rising Swedish songstress was coming of age. Considering it was only two summers ago that the teen singer was singing about how good life is, on the track “So Good“, and hanging out with her mates at theme parks and then meeting up with her pals for milkshakes, as seen in the “So Good” music video. The shift in dynamic and content becomes even more, noticeably bold when you pick up on the rich glowing tones of the singer’s vocals and the artistic aesthetic of the “Turn Up The Fire” visual.

Nova travelled to Iceland to shoot the epic video for “Turn Up The Fire“. The icy Nordic landscape provides a breathtaking backdrop for the singer to bring in some contrasts to the hot beats of the song. The vast, almost lunar scenery plays a big part in creating a sense of escapism and freedom. Scenes where Nova is seen dancing surrounded by a ring of fire, hints at taking on a new challenge, bringing ideas to life and feeling the passion and excitement of a new adventure. The visuals are mesmerising and spectacular. The song offers a glimpse of the teen singer’s inquisitive mind and enthusiasm to create, and innovate as she quietly goes about, establishing herself as a consistent purveyor of prime pop, setting the bar higher with each release, for a prospering career.

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