Nova Miller

Do you know what it is that I find so good (pun intended) about emerging artist Nova Miller’s new pop video? It’s that it’s fully representative of her being a 14 year old, doing things that 14 year olds should be doing. Like going to theme parks, hanging out with her friends and meeting up for milkshakes.

Don’t get me wrong I’m all for child prodigy’s and nurturing a given talent, but when it’s managed in the totally wrong kind of way or not viewed as suitable for a young developing artist, like anything far more adult or sexualized. That should just not happen to my thinking, but unfortunately does. The young should live their childhoods!

The team behind burgeoning, Swedish teen pop sensation Nova Miller have presented her in the most positive manner, which is completely befitting of what I can see of a very sweet natured and talented young lady.

There is plenty of time for Nova to engage in a bit more maturer image and actions and when the time comes for that, or if she chooses. She could well be a household name anyways, when she reaches that crossroads, such is her formidable vocal talent.

It’s just nice to listen a song which is bursting with feel good vibes and happiness. “So Good” by power of both the song and this video, is a complete measure of it.

Which way to the ice cream parlour?! I really have a craving for a chocolate, peanut butter, fudge sundae now.